Copywriting Samples

As a writer working with various brands in different capacities, versatility is key.

As a journalist, my time at Philadelphia Magazine taught me to walk the tightrope of delivering research-backed reporting in a relatable, easy-to-digest voice.

Pivoting to freelance writing for Curalate’s blog, I honed my skills of writing for a brand versus a media publication, incorporating the company’s interests into my pitches and posts without compromising facts and authenticity.

The year I managed Pat McGrath’s social team and multiple social accounts, I learned to eat, breathe and sleep the brand language, adapting to Pat’s unique voice. I applied this verbiage to the social captions during pressing times when our copywriting team was not accessible.

Working with Salt Spell Beauty to create a brand language has been an exciting exercise in positioning the MUA duo as your insider besties with all the makeup and hair knowledge while still appealing to a luxury clientele.

Keep scrolling to see some published and posted samples of my writing with aforementioned brands.

Pat McGrath Cosmetics | Social Copywriting

Salt Spell Beauty | Social Copywriting