Before & After: How Getting Bangs Completely Changed My Face

This article was published in Shoppist, the style and beauty vertical of Philadelphia Magazine.

I’ve always considered myself to be someone down to experiment with hair, yet I wind up getting the same style every time. However, Shoppist has been putting my self-awareness to the test, first turning me bronde for the love of summer trend testing. To be honest, that was easy. This time, though, we really went for it: I got full-on ’70s fringe.

As a victim of multiple haircut mishaps in high school, it is with good reason that I fear the fringe. However, this shaggy boho hair I’m seeing everywhere from Instagram to H&M to the Creatures of the Wind runway had me reconsidering. Without thinking on it too hard (lest I weasel out), I booked an appointment at Architeqt with Tonia Day, a bi-coastal hair maven who splits her time between Philly and LA. She gave me one of the best haircuts of my life a few years back, so I was excited to be back in her chair.

I took the plunge, and here’s what I found:

  1. It’s terrifying.
  2. I am very aware of hair on my forehead at all times, but it’s only been a day.
  3. These are not the bangs of yesteryear, thank heavens. To avoid the Girl Scout look, don’t dry with a round brush – just make a few rough passes at the bangs with the dryer pointing downward for a tousled finish.
  4.  My look is completely updated, exciting and different without sacrificing overall length.
  5. My balayage colorist Jess (remember her?) told me that my hair now looks like a cross between Stevie Nicks and J. Lo, so obviously I’m sold.

In short, don’t be scared! This haircut is awesome and will make you feel like a rocker chick/Parisian art student. And if you don’t love it, the great thing about hair is (say it with me) it always grows back.