SUPERNATURAL is a short film Lauren directed and produced for prolific makeup artist Pat McGrath.

Created to market a nail lacquer line, SUPERNATURAL was inspired by the mystical nature of Tarot cards and the immersive, intoxicating experience of wandering into a psychic reading. Each shade of nail lacquer ties to a corresponding Tarot card — The Moon, The Star, The Fool, and Justice. 

SUPERNATURAL is a visual representation of Lauren's belief that synchronicities in life are winks from the supernatural, existing just beyond our grasp. There are no coincidences.

Click here to experience the full marketing campaign, featuring photography stills and Art Nouveau inspiration.



Heyday is a rapidly growing boutique spa chain geared towards making regular facials a mainstay in millennials’ lives.

In being considered for their Social Media Manager role, I created an Instagram-first social campaign to align Heyday with Stress Awareness Month.

I interviewed Heyday SoHo associates to find out their favorite stress-melting products, give the viewer a virtual in-store feel, and create a campaign that spanned two Instagram main feed posts, a day of Instagram Stories, and a proposed influencer marketing concept to live in Heyday’s Instagram Stories Highlights.

Videos were shot and edited in Vertical format with the intention of living on Instagram, maximizing mobile screen space.



HERMOSA is an independent documentary film project that aims to capture female beauty in all its forms across the planet.

Together with co-creators and fellow first-time filmmakers Mariana McGrath and Andrea Ortega Costigan, the three hope to become known as the Anthony Bourdains of beauty.

First stop: Havana, Cuba