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At the intersection of beauty and tech lies FaceCase Inc, a San Francisco-based startup determined to reinvent the way women carry makeup on the go




When FaceCase’s co-founders approached me in Spring of 2019, the company was in need of a full-scale rebranding.

The focus:

Market FaceCase’s flagship product, a makeup phone case designed to revolutionize beauty products’ portability and accessibility. Still in the prototype stage, FaceCase’s goal was to sell out of the existing inventory, secure investor funding, and raise brand visibility and reach.


Together with the co-founders, I designed a full-scale rebrand for FaceCase Inc. We took down additional products on the site, simplifying the brand’s messaging by focusing solely on the makeup phone case. From there, we began the rebranding process.


My diagnosis:

Replace the old, dated videos and photos on the website, completely wipe the brand’s social media accounts, and take down the company’s fledgling Kickstarter. We needed a relaunch that positioned FaceCase as the coolest, most convenient makeup phone case of all time — the solution to women’s bulky makeup touch-up kits that take up precious purse real estate.



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